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Month: February 2014

Assigning adorners with dynamically created controls

I was trying to add an adorner to the WPF TextBox to add a cue banner.  I was creating the…

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Converting enums and Camel case text to words

I have enums that I want to display on a form and I wanted to make them look a little…

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And then I stuck shipping tape on the back of the SIM card

I just did a simple hardware hack to my HTC 8X phone.  I have been having random problems where the…

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How to use Bing Code Search when ReSharper is installed

Microsoft Research just released a cool add-in for Visual Studio 2013 called Bing Code Search.  It allows you to search…

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When the EditorPackage does not load correctly

I had this “The ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.Editor.Implementation.EditorPackage’ package did not load correctly.” error message when I started up Visual Studio 2013.  My…

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Locating the right web.config file at runtime

I created a Web API web service that’s part of a shrink wrapped application. The service has a web.config that…

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